Gamerizon to bring the Chop Chop franchise of games to Android

Currently sporting 9 million downloads to-date on iOS, the Chop Chop series of games developed by Gamerizon will be making their way to Android this quarter. That will be a total of six games making their way onto the Android Market very soon and of course, with a name like Chop Chop, there will at least one ninja game.

Gamerizon actually has some big plans for the Chop Chop brand wanting the total number of Chop Chop games to reach 20 and a total 40 million downloads. That is a hell of a lot. Their existing catalog of games will be the first to land on Android and while Gamerizon already has another 3 slated for iOS release, we will be seeing the current ones land on Android this quarter.

Current Chop Chop Games:

  • Chop Chop Caveman
  • Chop Chop Soccer
  • Chop Chop Hockey
  • Chop Chop Tennis
  • Chop Chop Runner
  • Chop Chop Ninja


Chop Chop Ninja

All games are developed using the Unity3D engine so porting from iOS to Android is pretty straightforward which means the turnaround time for the upcoming iOS titles named Chop Chop Kicker, Chop Chop Alien and Chop Chop Rocket, should be released onto Android not too long after. All the games sport cartoon-style graphics, all made with Unity3D. All games come with OpenFeint as well so you’ll have plenty of achievements to get.

The iOS version of the Chop Chop games will be getting Freemium features soon so we should also probably see that happen with the Android versions in the future now that Google will be supporting in-game purchases. Look for these games to start being released this quarter. Now I can happily stop typing the word “Chop” today.

Developer Website: Gamerizon

Website Referenced: PocketGamer

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