[Gamescom 2016] Madfinger reveals Shadowgun Legends, their upcoming Destiny-style MMORPG FPS title for mobile. Original Shadowgun goes on sale to celebrate.

Remember the other week when we published a video regarding leaked video footage of a Destiny-style game on a tablet? Well we finally get to tell you what game that is, and all about it, and we have even had some hands-on time with a very early build back during GDC 2016. So what game is this? It is called Shadowgun Legends, and it isn’t just a Destiny-style game, it is actually an MMORPG FPS title for mobile devices.

Shadowgun Legends is a persistent world MMORPG, but it takes place in a futuristic universe and in the style of an FPS game. So it is a lot like Destiny in that way, but that’s pretty much where the similarities end. Players will be jumping into the world, after picking and customizing their character at the login screen, as a bounty hunter looking to make their fame and fortune in this new futuristic Shadowgun universe which is a lot more hostile than any other Shadowgun game.

“Shadowgun Legends is the result of six years of experience building the industry’s leading shooters. We’ve taken all of the knowledge gained from our past titles, and honed it into our most ambitious project to date.” – CEO, Cofounder, and Developer Marek Rabas

Players will be traveling through the universe, hunting down bigger and badder bounties in order to gain more fame and money. As you level up, you’ll be able to customize your character more through enhancing skills, getting better weapons and armor, and so on. There’s also plenty of weapons to craft (and are upgradeable with a full Parts system), a whole guild system, raid dungeons as well as solo, full space station hubs, and pretty much everything else you would expect to find in a persistent world MMORPG.

Shadowgun Legends Features:

• Take on hundreds of missions and quests, earning a slew of rewards as you go.
• Play alone or with others – your game, your way. Tackle raids with friends, or just fight like a lone wolf against the enemy.
• Collect and customize hundreds of guns
• Dress for success with thousands of unique armor pieces
• Look like a badass – after all, isn’t that what’s it all about?
• PBR inspired character shading.
• Custom HDR bloom / color grading post-processes.
• New reflections rendering system.
• Custom soft shadows system.
• GPU simulated large scale particle systems.
• Advanced character animation based on Mecanim

One thing Madfinger Games is known for happens to be really great visuals with all of their games, and this is no exception to the rule either. These guys are serious Unity3D users, and Shadowgun Legends already looks better than anything I’ve seen on mobile devices visually. They have included as much details to everything as you could possibly think of, right down to the very nuts and bolts on a spaceship.

Needless to say, this is going to be a very large game in terms of the amount of content arriving with it, and Madfinger Games already has plans for expansions as well. There also happens to be a built-in anti-cheating system, and built-in Twitch/YouTube Gaming live streaming features as well, for all of you mobile gameplay live streamers out there. Also hardware controller support is planned.

So when will we be able to download and play Shadowgun Legends in its entirety? Right now there is no official launch date, but of course we have a pretty good idea of when it will arrive. Unfortunately we have been sworn to secrecy about that, just like we were sworn to secrecy regarding talking about the game until now. We will say that it arriving this year is very probable. In the meantime, you can check out the official announcement trailer below. As soon as we can go hands-on with Shadowgun Legends again, we will post a full hands-on preview.

Madfinger Games has put the original Shadowgun game on sale over on Google Play to celebrate the announcing of this new game, and so people unfamiliar with the Shadowgun world can grab the original title to play it and learn about the lore. You can pick up a copy of Shadowun for $0.99, but the sale ends on August 22nd, so you don’t have that much time to grab a copy.

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