GameStick will be supporting XBMC when it launches

PlayJam’s GameStick has a little more news today and it is in regards to XBMC support which this portable Android-powered gaming console will come with when it launches. XBMC was originally created for the Xbox as a media hub but instead it wound up getting released as open source software media player people can use on their PCs or Macs.

The actual announcement comes from PlayJam’s CEO Jasper Smith who mentioned that they were working with the XBMC community in order to integrate XBMC with GameStick.

Working with Pivos and the XBMC community to integrate a world class media center into GameStick is a major step forward in our ambitions. – PlayJam’s CEO Jasper Smith

This certain is a nice sign for things to come regarding GameStick and people who are getting ready to snag one of these when they officially launch for sale will be happy to know that XBMC will be available for use with GameStick the moment it launches.

Website Referenced: PocketGamer

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