Gamevil begins teasing a sequel for their Illusia RPG simply called Illusia II

Gamevil has begin teasing another RPG that is heading to mobile, initially iOS first but then to Android, which is actually a sequel for the original Illusia. Simply named Illusia II, this new addition to the Illusia series boasts some impressive new features.

Following a similar plot to the first game, in Illusia II you will be trying to find out why everyone in Dream World is starting to have nightmares and what evil force is behind it. Eventually you will be battling it out with said evil force and, if successful, saving the world. So what can you expect to come with this sequel?

– 4 new worlds to explore
– 3 characters to choose from: Magician, Warrior or Assassin
– 20 new skills to use
– New armor and weapons to equip yourself with
– 4 different gameplay modes to play

In a bit of a new twist to the RPG genre, Gamevil is boasting that Illusia II will have endless gameplay largely thanks to the four gameplay modes that will come with the game: asynchronous PvP, Rush Mode, Defense Mode and Mission Mode. As to what some of these gameplay modes entail, we do not know yet. However, you can get a glimpse of what the game will look like in the giant preview picture above that Gamevil loves to do or in the trailer below.

No word just yet on when it will arrive on Android but we can safely assume iOS will get Illusia II first since that is what Gamevil generally does with their game releases. Seems like Gamevil is going to keep making a renewed pushed into mobile gaming even after having just released two RPGs onto Android in the past week. When Illusia II drops onto Android, if it follows Gamevil’s recent trend of pricing, it should be free to download.

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