Gamevil has a new RPG coming to Android called Advena?

Gamevil, who is quickly becoming the master of retro-style RPG titles for Android (and other platforms as well) has recently released a new RPG onto Android in Korea called Advena: Legends of Raiders. The iOS version of the game just landed in Europe as well.

Advena has been out in Korea since June of 2011 and seems to be pretty popular with the iOS crowd over there. Recently an Android version has been released in Korea while an iOS version is now available in Europe. With that said, we could possibly see this coming to the shores of the US fairly soon.

Here is what we do know so far:

  • There will be five playable characters
  • There will be unique classes with special abilities
  • Tactical strategy will play a part in the game
  • Same great retro-style graphics we find in all the Gamevil RPG titles


As you can see in the iOS trailer above, the gameplay is definitely that of a hack n’ slash side-scrolling RPG while most other Gamevil titles stick to the standard open world RPG format. Unfortunately we have no exact release date as to when this will land, if at all, here in the US but considering it’s slowly spreading elsewhere, we should see it soon, hopefully.

If you happen to be playing this game or have any additional information, feel free to let us know!

Developer Website: Gamevil

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