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Gamevil launches a choose your own adventure brawler called Asura Cross

Gamevil has just released a new game onto Google Play called Asura Cross which is their take on the whole Street Fighter/Mortal Kombat genre. The rather interesting thing about this game is that when you are playing in Story Mode, you will be choosing how your character’s story unfolds instead of having a preset storyline to follow like you have in games like Street Fighter or Mortal Kombat.

However, fighting your opponents is similar to the above mentioned games as you will be going against them in head-to-head combat. You get all the standard attacks plus special moves you can unleash to do extra damage to your opponents. Since you can choose how your character’s story plays out, you have multiple endings to find. You have a total of 8 different characters to choose from, each with their own style of fighting and different moves to master.

Visually, Asura Cross is more in the style of the older brawlers with the more cartoon style visuals and not so much the new 3D-esque visuals found in the more modern Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat games. There is a practice mode where you can test out all your character’s skills and get good at them before jumping into Story Mode to create your character’s back story.

There is also an Arcade mode which has you competing for rankings and a Player vs Player mode where you can fight against your friends as well. The Player vs Player mode is only available through Bluetooth though which is a bit of a shame since online Player vs Player would have been much better.

For those of you who are fans of this genre and enjoy beating the crap out of your opponents, you can pick up Asura Cross off of Google Play for free. Hopefully the developers can work on bringing true Player vs Player to the game in a future update.

Side Note: Some people are reporting that the game is crashing a lot. If you experience this, let Gamevil know. We are sure they already do know this is happening and are working on a fix, they are usually pretty fast with getting fixes out.

Google Play Link: Asura Cross

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