Gamevil releases a sneak peek at their upcoming game Dark Avenger

Since Gamevil got into the 3rd party publishing business we have seen some pretty interesting games coming out under the company’s name. Most of these games break away from the tradition style of Gamevil titles and today the company has released a video which gives us a sneak peek into one of their upcoming games called Dark Avenger.

While details are pretty limited right now as to what Dark Avenger is and what all comes with the game, the sneak peek video does give us a little bit of an idea as to what we can expect when the game launches onto Google Play. Developed by Boolean Games, Dark Avenger looks to be a 3D dungeon crawler type of game with a top-down isometric view.

Unfortunately we only get to see one class in the video, a dual sword wielding warrior type of class. The gameplay and overall game itself looks similar to other titles such as Dungeon Hunter or even Diablo with the whole dark and demon type of theme to it. As for when Dark Avenger will arrive onto Android, there is no release date just yet.

Website Referenced: Gamevil

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