Gamevil releases their newest RPG title Legend of Master 3

Skipping the first two installments in the series and just giving us the newest third installment, Gamevil has released Legend of Master 3 onto Android. This is their newest RPG title for Android gamers to sink their teeth into and features a bit of a different look to it visually over their standard retro-esque graphics.

While the visuals are retro style like a lot of Gamevil’s previous RPG releases, Legend of Master 3 seems to have a bit more detail to it and a slightly different overall feel visually, especially pertaining to the user interface. In this game you will be playing as Walter, a wanted Prince in his kingdom, who happens to have had Cain’s soul, or part of it anyway, wake up inside of him. Now he must find the remaining pieces of Cain’s soul. Once Walter accomplishes this, he will be journeying throughout the world to hunt down the evil sorcerer B’Kar and defeat him.

Legend of Master 3 Features:

– DYNAMIC DISPLAYS WITH VISCERAL GAMEPLAY: Play as you’ve never played before in bright graphics and tactile attack systems
– DIVERSE ARRAY OF SKILLS: Choose from up to 6 different classes, each with their own special skills
– REALISTIC CHARACTER DESIGN: Step out of child’s play RPGs, and delve into life-like RPG design
– ULTIMATE CUSTOMIZATION AND SKILL BUILDING: Level up and explore new skills and pick up new armor and weapons
– DUNGEON MISSIONS: Special treasures and legendary items can be found in Dungeon mode

Legend of Master 3 has all the features you would hope to find in a solid RPG title. You have six different classes to choose from, each of which has their own unique skill set. Also available is a healthy amount of weapons and armor to get a hold of and use in your evil crushing adventure. This also includes legendary items that you can find by completing special dungeon missions.

Like all of Gamevil’s recent releases this year, you can dive right into Legend of Master 3 by heading over to the Google Play store or our Google Play synced catalog and download the games for free.

Developer Website: Gamevil

Google Play Link: Legend of Master 3

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