Gamevil unleashes Cartoon Wars onto the Android Market

Gamevil has just released their newest title onto the Android Market called Cartoon Wars. This game is a rather popular title which blends both real-time strategy and tower defense game mechanics, then adds the awesomeness of stick figures to it.

As the story goes, there are two tribes battling it out for Cartoon world. There is the black & white tribe and the color tribe. You will be playing as the hero of the black & white tribe, freeing them from slavery and ultimately to live in freedom in cartoon world. Of course if all the color tribe die, that is alright as well.

Cartoon Wars Features:

– ALL-OUT ACTION STICK FIGURE GAME: Produce your unit, aim your bow and destroy the enemy’s castle
– UPGRADE AND CUSTOMIZE YOUR TROOPS: Over 20 types of units and 16 different upgrades for troops, castle, weapon and productivity items
– COMPETE AGAINST MILITANTS FROM AROUND THE WORLD: Keep track of your ranking and see how you compare against the rest of world
– STRATEGIZE PERFECTLY COORDINATED ATTACKS: Determine the dispatchment of your troops and help them to become veteran units
– UNLIMITED NUMBER OF STAGES: Play through an infinite number of stages slaughtering endless number of enemies

As far as stick figure games go, this is probably one of the best with a ton of action. As a game overall, it is really fun to get right into it but it does take some strategy and it does get quite challenging at times as well, which is always a good thing.

If you are up for some stick figure action madness then head over to the Android Market and nab this game. It is available for free.

Developer Website: Gamevil

Android Market Link: Cartoon Wars

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