Gamevil unleashes their new multiplayer party-based RPG for Android called Advena

You may or may not remember back in October of 2011 when we reported on Gamevil and an RPG that was supposed to be heading to Android soon called Advena. Well for those of you who have been waiting all this time to be able to play it, Gamevil has finally released it onto the Google Play store.

Advena is one, if not the only, party-based RPG titles to come from Gamevil. The story goes that for generations two factions, the magic users of the Nabe Alliance and the common folk of Tems, lived together side by side peacefully until one day a sacred tree was destroyed. After that both sides blamed each other for the tree’s death. You will be playing as a mysterious hero with powers that will help push back the Tems who have all but decimated the Nabe Alliance.

Advena Features:

– SIMULTANEOUSLY PLAYABLE PARTY MEMBERS: Choose between 5 unique heroes at any time, any situation!
– MULTIPLE CLASSES WITH SPECIALIZED ABILITIES: Coordinate your team strategy amongst a mix of melee, ranged, casters and healers
– INTELLIGENT AI ENGINE: Direct your AI partners to heal, defend or teamstrike with customizable AI controls.
– BRILLIANT VISUALS MATCHED TO AN EXTENSIVE WORLD MAP: See every strike with stellar clarity in over 200 different stages!
– MULTIPLAYER MODES WITH FIGHT CLUB AND MERCENARY SYSTEM: Fight other users in PvP or work with them to form powerful Raid Teams.

The real interesting feature that comes with Advena is the multiplayer functions. While it has your standard PvP which we have been enjoying in past Gamevil titles, now we can actually team up with other players in order to work together in PvE (Player versus Environment) content. This brings a whole new dynamic to what could have been your usual action-RPG title from Gamevil.

If you happen to be a fan of Gamevil RPGs, and have completed all of their titles before Advena, now you have a new one to dig into. Like the past few releases, Advena is available as a free-to-play game on Google Play so you can just jump right on over to the Google Pay Store or our synced up store, download the game, and begin playing.

Developer Website: Gamevil

Google Play Link: Advena

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