Gamevil unleashes their strategy defense game Arel Wars onto Android

Gamevil seems to be making quite the push back onto Android this month as we have already seen the release of Zenonia 4 and Baseball Superstars 2012. Now we have another Gamevil title to play called Arel Wars which has just landed on the Android Market.

Arel Wars is a mash-up of a few gaming genres. It comes with all the defense and strategy gaming you could want with RPG mechanics thrown into the mix for good measure. You will be deploying your troops, mastering their tactics and overrunning the enemy’s towers across three big campaigns.

Arel Wars Features:

– DEFEND AND CAPTURE THE TOWERS OF DRUSILLA: Lead the swift Hume, fierce Buster or resourceful Elven species in campaigns spanning 120 stages and 8 battle maps.
– UNIT-BASED STRATEGY AND TACTICS: Command over 50 Normal, Unique and Hero units — special skill advantages will tip the battle in your favor.
– CUSTOMIZE, LEVEL UP AND CONQUER: Triumph to earn new booster items, upgradeable skills and units, then customize and combine them for maximum impact.
– BATTLE THE WORLD FOR ONLINE SUPREMACY: Connect to network play and challenge players around the world in asynchronous PVP.
– HD GRAPHICS AND ULTIMATE CONTROL: Enjoy crisp, vibrant graphics and intuitive touchscreen controls.

This game is very tactical-based in its gameplay with the amount and type of units you can control but at the same time there is plenty of action as well. Add in the fact you have booster items and upgradeable skills and you have yourself a ton of combinations to work with when going up against enemies. You also can go up against other players in PvP matches to battle it out for online dominance.

Arel Wars is a bit of a surprise as we really didn’t hear anything about the launch for the game but after taking it for a spin, it is an excellent and fun title for your Android device. Speaking of devices, it seems it is currently selective on what devices are compatible but this could be just because it is still populating throughout the market as it literally just landed on it. You can nab Arel Wars for free from the market but if you don’t see it or your device isn’t compatible, give it a few minutes to finish propagating the market.

Developer Website: Gamevil

Android Market Link: Arel Wars

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