Gamevil releases a trailer for their upcoming Android game Punch Hero

Back in May of this year we talked about one of Gamevil’s upcoming titles called Punch Hero. This particular game is a 3D boxing game with an over-the-shoulder perspective, sort of like how it was in games such as Punch Out from back in the day.

Well now we get to see the first gameplay footage for the upcoming Android version of Punch Hero thanks to a new trailer released by Gamevil. So far, from the trailer, it looks like it could be a pretty good boxing game.

When Punch Hero is released there will be plenty of different game modes to play through as well as customizing options for your character. You will even be able to put your own face, or the faces of your friends, on the boxers in the game. As of right now the release of Punch Hero onto Android is slated for sometime in August 2012 now.

Developer Website: Gamevil

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