Gangstar: Miami Vindication now officially available from Gameloft

The other day we reported on a few games by Gameloft heading our way that happen to be leaking out on their store. By leaking we mean the purchase pages were up but you couldn’t actually purchase the game. Well Gameloft just announced on Twitter that Gangstar: Miami Vindication is now available for purchase.

Like we predicted in our previous article that it would be available today (Friday) and sure enough there it is. That also means there is a good chance Real Golf 2011 and Guitar Rock Tour 2 HD will also be available for purchase, officially, at some point today. Just head on over to the Gameloft store and you’ll be able to purchase this new addition to the Gangstar series. It’ll set you back $4.99 as always.

For details about each games, just head over to our previous articles about each one, linked above.

Developer Website: Gameloft

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