Gate Six: Cyber Persona is Available for Pre-Registration

Gate Six: Cyber Persona is a futuristic JRPG set in 2079. The world is ruled by a sinister cyber force that has traded their souls for eternal life and immense power.

Gate Six: Cyber Persona – A mobile game to get you into the mood for Cyberpunk 2077

You play as Lex, a Cyber Persona who has taken on the corrupt sinister cyber force. You must build a squad of top fighters if you’re going to hold off all that Gate Six can throw at you.

Combat looks like a traditional JRPG with turn-based attacks and special moves. What could separate Gate Six: Cyber Persona from other RPGs is the hexagonal exploration system. This means you will need to position your squad to create certain combos.

If you would like to pre-register for Gate Six: Cyber Persona, you can do so from the Google Play store.

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