[GDC 2011] Hardcore train simulator game, Trainz, heading to Android very soon.

Let us start off by saying, if you are a fan of trains in any sort of way either with trains sets or just watching trains, you’ll pretty much wet yourself when you see this upcoming game for Android. Properly called Trainz, developed by n3v games, this is a hardcore realistic train simulation game with a ton of goodies at your disposal.

The game is developed by some hardcore train lovers and they have paid incredible attention to detail when designing the trains in the game. The 3D graphics look great and there is plenty of animation to go around. There is also a lot of trains to choose from but what really is the best part about this game is the fact that you can create your own landscapes for your trains to run on right in-game. Not only that, you’ll be able to download add-ons for extra props like buildings, trees and whatever else the huge community this game has comes up with. In fact you’ll be able to make your own and submit it to the same place everyone else does and share your creations with other Trainz players or sell them to other players.


After you build your train landscape and choose which trains you want to run, you’ll be able to drive them, controlling the speed and tracks they are on and switching from multiple camera angles including one that has you in a first-person viewpoint from the train’s cockpit. The map editor is fairly straightforward to use and a little practice will have you building pretty much any terrain you can think of.

Now you are probably wondering if you can derail the trains and make them crash and all that good stuff. The answer is… yes you can.

Originally this was a PC only titles but recently it was just brought over to the iPad and will soon be coming to Android Tablets as well. You might be able to run this on a non-Tegra 2 tablet but for best performance, you’ll want to play it on one. This will be a tablet only game though so phone users are out of luck unless then decide to make a version for phones.

Developer Website: n3v

Official Game Website: Trainz

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