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Genshin Impact 4.0 Live Stream – Live Updates

feature image for our genshin impact 4.0 live stream news the image features promo art for the live stream of a building that has glowing plants and water behind its windows, there is also text that reads "special program announcement", there are curtains around the border of the image with machine cogs at the bottom

Genshin Impact’s 4.0 live stream is due to commence on Friday 4th August at 12:30 pm BST. You can tune in on the game’s official Twitch page to watch the full special program premiere.

If you can’t make it to the stream, we’ll be updating this page live from 12:30 pm BST. Bookmark this page so you can keep track of the latest announcements regarding 4.0!

For more information about the game, visit the official website. You can also download Genshin Impact on Google Play.

Genshin Impact 4.0 Live Stream Announcements

  • Sneak peek of the 5-star character, Focalors
  • Freminet character preview – Cryo claymore user
  • Lyney and Lynette preview
  • Lyney Pyro bow user, Lynette Anemo
  • Clips of the new area, Fontaine, including the main city hub, underwater, and more
  • 4.0 version name: As Light Rain Falls Without Reason
  • Fontaine Characters have Arkhe
  • Preview of the Clockwork Meka
  • Teleport point to Fontaine will automatically teleport
  • Aquabus Lines in Fontaine
  • 1st Banner – Yelan, Lyney and Lynette
  • 2nd Banner – Zhongi, Childe, and Freminet
  • Icewind Suite boss which is a Meka duo
  • Emperor of Fire and Iron boss
  • New events
  • Toy Adventurer minigame event that gives a free copy of Bennett
  • Free Lynette at Adventure Rank 25
  • New Artifacts – Golden Troupe and Marechausse Hunter
  • Map will switch to multi-layered mode
  • Party Screen Setup animations for every character

Underwater Gameplay

  • No stamina/oxygen bar underwater
  • You can “Sprint” underwater
  • There are Recovery Orbs underwater
  • Absorb elements underwater to use against enemies during combat

What To Expect From the Live Stream

If you keep up with Genshin Impact, this live stream format will seem very familiar. However, the 4.0 program has been highly anticipated for weeks on end. 4.0 will bring a plethora of new content to the game, including a new region, new characters, and even more.

It’s always an exciting time when a fresh region is added to the game, and Fontaine is set to be one of the more spectacular ones. We expect the viewer numbers for the 4.0 program to increase exponentially when compared to the past few. 

As with every other Genshin Impact live stream, there will be plenty of freebies on offer throughout. These are usually dished out via limited-time codes, so be sure to redeem them as soon as possible. 

When is Genshin Impact 4.0 Out?

Aside from the free rewards, the program will assuredly ramp up the hype for 4.0 even more. In fact, Genshin Impact’s Version 4.0, is just around the corner. With a set release date of August 16, players will need to save their primogems for a bunch of new characters that will make an appearance over the coming weeks.

If you’re looking for new games to play while you wait for 4.0, take a look at our Best Android Gacha Games guide.

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