Honkai Star Rail’s Success Results in Genshin Impact’s Lowest Ever Revenue Figures

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Genshin Impact’s May revenue was the lowest it’s been since the game launched in 2020. There’s a plethora of reasons why this might be the case, so let’s delve deeper into it.

We recently wrote about the news of Honkai Star Rail’s May revenue doubling Genshin Impact’s, which is still an impressive feat considering how popular Genshin is. 

For more information about Genshin Impact, visit the official website. Alternatively, if you’d like to learn more about Honkai Star Rail, you can visit the game’s official website.

The Launch of the Star Rail

Firstly, one of the main possibilities as to why the May revenue was the lowest figure since Genshin’s release, is the launch of the highly anticipated, Honkai Star Rail. Both titles belong to HoYoverse, but the latter seems to be taking the lead as of right now. 

This may be due to the fact that Honkai Star Rail is fresh and brand-new, or perhaps players currently prefer the game to Genshin. A similar thing happened when Tower of Fantasy launched. Many players moved from Genshin to dedicate their time to the exciting new gacha of the month. 

However, Genshin Impact’s prowess was too hard to beat for Tower of Fantasy. But, Honkai Star Rail seems to be one of the main competitors at the moment. Still, this is an advantage for HoYoverse. Even if one title’s revenue is lower than the other, they’re still making a ton of money from both. 

A Dry Patch for Genshin Impact… and No We Don’t Mean the Desert

Another explanation could be the fact that Genshin Impact players are waiting patiently for the release of the new area, Fontaine. Furthermore, there won’t be any new 5-star characters until 4.0, so naturally, gacha fans are looking elsewhere for new content to play through while they wait.

Honkai Star Rail has taken the world by storm with its flashy animations, engaging storyline, and extremely likable characters. It’s no surprise that the game became popular so quickly, especially with HoYoverse’s magical touch. 

Strong Competition

Is it enough to surpass the success of Genshin Impact though? At this current time, yes it is. Though it’s impossible to tell if that will change in the coming months. Honkai Star Rail is still in its honeymoon phase at the moment, with the latest HoYoverse game capturing the hearts of many around the world. 

Nevertheless, it’s hard not to notice how Genshin Impact has been a revolutionary addition to the gacha genre, and it will continue to have an avid fanbase for many years to come.

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