Genshin Impact Revenue Has Reached $4 Billion, Just Over Two Years Since Launch

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The results are in, and the total amount of Genshin Impact revenue is nothing to laugh at. Throughout the game’s lifespan, Genshin Impact has a total revenue of a whopping $4 billion. Is it a surprise? Not really, with the game being one of the most popular, and successful, mobile games of all time.

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What Makes Genshin Impact So Popular?

Remember that Genshin Impact came out not too long ago, with the game’s global release back in late 2020. That makes the total Genshin Impact revenue even more impressive. The game has had a plethora of updates since launch, as well as a wide range of brand-new characters. Fans of the game adore these characters, and they’re willing to pay the price to get them – or build up their constellations. 

Character Banners and Wishes

It’s pretty clear where the main percentage of the Genshin Impact revenue comes from. With new banners every few weeks, there are plenty of opportunities for you to obtain new characters, or returning ones! With many of the characters being either lovable or just downright fun to use, the purchasable Genesis Crystals are tempting.

While you can easily grind out content to receive a ton of free primogems (the currency used for wishing), they may have lost their 50/50 on a banner. In short, losing a 50/50 means you had a 50% chance of getting your desired character but lost it to another. This means you can either grind the game to earn between 70-80 wishes, or you can buy some!

The latter seems pretty tempting when you’ve already spent the past few weeks saving up your primogems for a specific character. While the gacha system isn’t exactly appealing to some, it definitely allows HoYoverse to make a serious amount of money.

What Else Can You Buy?

Not only that, but you can also purchase genesis crystals for special character outfits, or you can buy the monthly battle pass, or the daily Welkin. If you don’t fancy spending all of your savings on a character banner, the daily Welkin is a pretty good feature to use. It gives you 90 primogems a day when you log in, meaning after 2 days you’ve bagged yourself a wish!

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