Get involved with the upcoming Olympics in London by passing on the touch

So we are getting into the Olympic spirit of things and do to this we have teamed up with where you can relay the Olympic torch, virtually of course, by using your Android phone or tablet and passing the torch onto friends in the hopes of getting it all the way to London.

Getting the whole thing started is pretty easy actually and in general this is a pretty interesting way to play a game. In fact you can earn achievements such as:

– You get a gold badge on the torch tab when the relay arrives in London
– Each time the relay goes to another culture, you get culture points. You get a badge at 7 cultures.
– Badge for 15 and 50 passes.
– Badge for going around the globe before heading to London.

We don’t really know of too many interactive sharing games like this so this is pretty fun for us to be able to host our own relay starting point. To get started all you have to do is download the official torch relay application off of the Google Play store (it’s free), then head over here and scan the image below.

Official DroidGamers Olympic Torch relay starting point

Once you’ve scanned the above image you will have started your own relay to get the torch to London. To pass it along, you just have to line it up with another Android phone who has the application installed as well. The best way to show this off is by checking out the video below.

You can also dedicate your relay to whatever you want whether it’s your favorite sports or sports team, your mother, a charity or anything else you can think up. You will also be able to watch your relay’s progress over on the map at or through the map in the Android application. Hopefully you all find this a fun thing to do and lets see how many torches we can get around the world and to London!

Developer Website: 2012 Torch

Google Play Link: 2012 Torch App

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