Ghost Recon Networks companion app heading to Android May 25th

In a similar style to the Call of Duty Elite companion app, Unisoft have announced their own companion app for their Ghost Recon titles called Ghost Recon Networks. This is not the Ghost Recon: Commander companion game we have been talking about recently which is also headed to Android in the near future. This is a straight up companion application like Elite is.

Ghost Recon Networks will let you track your stats, customizes and publish weapons, receive notifications of challenges and your standard community news along with updates on what your friends are doing as well. This companion application, slated for both iOS and Android, will connect these services to both Future Soldier and Ghost Recon Online games.

Following int he footsteps of Call of Duty Elite’s companion app, Ghost Recon Networks will also have some similar features such as the ability to view heatmaps of recent battles and you will also be able to manage your squad using the application. If you are not totally sold on this application just yet, Ubisoft will also be giving out free credits in Future Soldier for any players who use the upcoming companion app as well.

So when can you get your hands on this new companion app? Ghost Recon Networks is slated for release on May 25th, most likely for free, so there is still some time we have to wait before we can use it. Expect to see more companion apps heading our way for other games from other publishers as this trend is growing rather rapidly.

Website Referenced: PocketGamer

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