Glu unleashed Infected onto Android for your zombies killing needs

Glu has released a new game on Android called Infected which is a zombie defense/survival type of game. Zombies have started taking over New York City after a strange virus shows up. It is your jobs to clean up the streets from these mad flesh-eating zombies.

In Infected you will be setting up defensive units in order to hold off and kill each onslaught of zombies that are hell bent on eating that ripe delicious brain of yours. There are a bunch of different units to use from fighting units such as Cops or defensive units like vehicles.

Infected Features:

– SPREAD YOUR UNIQUE ZOMBIE VIRUS THROUGHOUT THE REAL WORLD: Customize the appearance and effects of your on screen Zombie to taunt your opponents on your mission to “infect the world”
– MULTIPLAYER ATTACKS: Infect other players by winning up to 4 player multiplayer matches. Watch as you spread your virus to friends and enemies from all over the world!
– BUT YOU CAN SAVE YOUR FRIENDS TOO!: You can also choose to protect all your Facebook and Openfeint friends from oncoming zombie attacks to gain even more experience

While the whole defense zombie gameplay is rather fun, the really more interesting part of this game is the multiplayer features. When you beat other people in a multiplayer game, you end up infecting them as well. On the flip side of things though, you can also choose to save your friends as well if they are getting attacked.

Infected seems like a pretty interesting game so far and although it is a freemium title, it doesn’t seem to be too overbearing but it is very in-game purchase focused. However, a lot of people dislike how Glu does their freemium business model and might be turned off of this otherwise interesting game. If you are up for giving it a whirl, you can download it for free off of the Android Market.

Developer Website: Glu

Android Market Link: Infected

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