Godville comes to Android. An RPG where you aren’t the actual hero in the game, just a god.

Breaking from the tradition mold of RPGs that have ever existed, Godville Games brings their self-titled zero-player game, Godville, to Android. What the hell is a zero-player game? Well according to Godville Games, it is where you are not actually playing as the story’s main character but instead as something else, in this case, a god.

You are a deity who is worshipped by the hero of the game. The hero goes off to do things a hero would normally do in an RPG including fighting things in the wilderness, goes questing, levels up and gets new gear to use. However, you do not control the hero, but instead the deity he worships. Your hero will keep a diary of all his activities to keep you up-to-date on what he’s been up to though.


Your job is to reward or punish him, help him level up or become your representative in the game world, things of that nature. Godville is a mix of RPG but with the twist of a Sims-style game or perhaps similar to those virtual pet games except this does more than just bark or purr when you pet it. If you enjoy unique games with a slight twist on the usual style of gaming they represent, you’ll want to check this one out.

You can grab Godville off the Android Market for the high price of Free. Now you’ll be able to play an RPG without it digging into your time at work, wonderful isn’t it?

Developer Website: Godville Games

Website Referenced: PocketGamer

Market Link: Godville

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