Golf Battle 3D available for Android. Play against friends on any other device.

While the name suggestions a bit of a full contact version of golf which would have been great, there isn’t any physical contact at all in the game. However, Golf Battle 3D does bring to the table some nice 3D graphics and the ability to play against your friends regardless of what device they have the game installed on.

In most Golf games you would normally have a nice selection of clubs to use for any given situation that can occur on a Golf course. In Golf Battle 3D however, all you have is a Driver and if you don’t like the particular driver you currently have, you can save up coins and buy new, better Drivers.


  • Solid 3D graphics
  • 26 Characters to choose from
  • Multiple upgrades for your driver
  • 4 Different course from four different continents
  • Multiplayer gameplay across all platforms
  • Lots of customization including over 200 items for your avatar



Interestingly enough, there are two version of the game available on the market: Golf Battle 3D and Golf Battle 3D PVRTC. Depending on the model of your phone, you’ll want the regular or the PVRTC version so be sure to read the description first. The PVRTC version is for most Motorola and Samsung phones except for a few models. The normal version handles all the rest of the Android phones out there and some models of Samsung and Motorola devices.

Both versions are available on the Android Market right now for $3.27. If you like Golf games and want to check out something that is a little different from the norm, this might be a good title to check out.

Developer Website: Imperial Game Studio

Direct Market Link: Golf Battle 3D | Golf Battle 3D PVRTC

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