Golf on Mars is the Sequel to Meditative Cult Hit Desert Golfing, Out Now

A few years ago Desert Golfing showed up on the mobile app stores and placed indie game enthusiasts firmly under its spell. 

Superficially conventional in its format, the game saw you playing golf on elaborate, but graphically simplistic, procedurally generated 2D courses. It was like crazy golf but from the side rather than top-down, and it made for a strangely meditative experience. 

Golf on Mars is the sequel, and it’s just arrived on Google Play. Superficially identical to Desert Golfing, save for the Martian redness, this follow-up tweaks the procedural generation to ensure that each game is unique, with 26 billion possible layouts. 

It’s not clear yet whether this tweak will affect the magical formula that made Desert Golfing such a cult classic. You can find out for yourself by downloading Golf on Mars right now for $2.99. 

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