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Google Confirms the ‘Play Pass’ – A Game Subscription Service to Rival The Apple Arcade

Earlier this year, Apple announced the Apple Arcade, a monthly subscription service to give you exclusive access to several mobile titles.

Google’s Play Pass seeks to offer a variety of premium titles but under a monthly cost of $4.99. Meaning you will have many premium mobile games at your fingertips for less than five bucks a month.

Google’s Play Pass is like Apple Arcade but better!

The Apple Arcade was a good idea on paper. Offer users a subscription service for exclusive premium titles. What holds this idea back is that these titles will be exclusive to the Arcade. Developers do not want to limit the number of consumers that can play their game, which is why the Apple Arcade did not create much of a storm.

The Google Play Pass differs from Apple in one crucial way. It doesn’t want to offer you exclusive titles that you can only get by being a member. It wants to offer you a whole variety of existing and upcoming premium games, for a price which costs less than Stardew Valley.

It’s not clear whether the Play Pass will come out soon, or whether it will be a success. But the Play Pass offers a better package than the Apple Arcade, so fingers crossed!

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