Google I/O Day 2 Chan. 3 live stream. Coming up: Modern Web APIs, Firebase Overview, and more

While Channel 1 and 2 for Google I/O 2015 are more focused on mobile technologies, programming and development, along with other things in those areas, like Android Wear, Channel 3 is more about other Google related subjects such as Polymer and Modern Web APIs, which happens to be the starting session on this channel.

So, if you are more about non-mobile related subjects at Google I/O, although everything seems to be able to be squished into the mobile category, here is the schedule for this channel which may be more to your liking:

9AM PDT: “Polymer and modern web APIs: In production at Google scale”
10AM PDT: “Tech for a better world, faster: A discussion with’s social innovators”
11AM PDT: “Firebase: An overview”
1PM PDT: “Improve your Android app’s accessibility”
2PM PDT: “Ubiquitous Computing with Google”
3PM PDT: “Engineering for the Stratosphere – Presented by Women Techmakers”

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