Google now offers a Free App of the Week feature, similar to Amazon’s

It was only a matter of time before this happened, but Google has apparently begun a Free App of the Week feature which is similar to what Amazon does over on their appstore, except this is a weekly thing and not a daily thing like Amazon. What is even more interesting though is that you basically have to hunt for this Free App of the Week as there’s no immediate promotion for it on the front of Google Play.

Instead, to actually find the Free App of the Week, interested users will have to go to the Family section of Google Play. When there you will then see a big banner with the Free App of the Week being promoted. Hopefully this hidden feature won’t be so hidden for upcoming weeks as it will make it sort of difficult to enjoy the Free App of the Week if you can’t bloody well find it.

So this week’s free app is actually a family-friendly game called Daniel Tiger Grr-ific Feelings. This is a collection of mini-game that allows children to explore their feelings. Each mini-game focuses on a different feeling, like sad, happy, angry, etc etc. In order to get this game, you’ll need to navigate to the Family section on Google Play and click on the Free App of the Week banner. At that point the download will start up like normal. Going to the game’s actual page on Google Play, however, will have it listed at full price and will charge you for the game. So if you want this, be sure to go through the proper link.

We will, of course, keep tabs on this new feature and post each week what the free app is for that week, which hopefully will be easier to find than this week’s game.

Website Referenced: PocketGamer

Google Play: Free App of the Week (family section)

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