Google Play Games app Easter Egg found with the Konami Code

Google loves to add Easter Eggs to pretty much everything they release and so far it looks like every single one of them has been found… at least to everyone’s knowledge that is. Well Google’s newest application is no exception to the rule which means the Google Play Games app that arrived yesterday has an Easter Egg that has been discovered.

The Konami Code is pretty much one of the most famous cheat codes to ever be used. This certainly isn’t the first time the code has been used to find an Easter Egg in a digital product and it certainly won’t be the last either. In this particular application, you’ll need to enter the code using swipe gestures for the most part. Open up the app and swipe Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left Right. Once you’ve done that some buttons will appear so you can finish off the code which is B, A, Start.

Once you’ve done that you will have earned yourself a special achievement called “All your game are belong to us”. Then you will have won the internet just a little bit more than anyone else. Enjoy!

Website Referenced: Reddit

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