Google Play Games updated with the ability to record yourself playing games

Google seems to have been very busy as of late, recently having released an update to their YouTube Gaming application for direct live gameplay streaming from supported Android devices to YouTube Gaming. Now Google Play Games has been updated as well with the ability to record yourself playing games on your Android device.

If you’re not into live streaming but prefer to record yourself playing games and uploading them to sites like YouTube, Google Play Games has made it very easy to do that now. How this works is by launching whatever game you feel like playing at that moment from within the Google Play Games application. When you do that it will give you an option as to whether or not you wish to record your gameplay.

In terms of quality, users can record gameplay in either 480p or 720p. If you want to really get into it and record commentary as well, you can turn on your device’s microphone and front-facing camera as well. So now people can see you rage and laugh at you when you lose while playing your favorite Android game. If you wanted to do this before today, it required extra software and, if you wanted super high quality videos, extra hardware. Now you can do it without either of those extras.

Once you’re done recording your video, you’ll be able to do some light editing to it and upload it to YouTube right from your device. This update will be rolling out to users in the US and UK over the next couple of days, with other countries following shortly after.

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