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Get Four Months Of Google Play Pass For Just 50p/50c

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Google Play seems to be in the Christmas spirit as it’s currently having a Google Play Pass sale, reducing the price to a measly 50p/50c for three months. In addition, you get the first month for free, meaning you get four months of free games without even spending £1/$1. The sale ends on January 3rd.

We can’t emphasise enough how good of a deal this is, as the usual price for just one month of the Play Pass is £4.99, with the yearly fee being £29.99.

Mobile Games, Done Dirt Cheap

The Google Play Pass offers nearly 1,000 paid Android games with no ads. The subscription service allows you to download these games at any given time and game away.

These aren’t just any old mobile games, either. Some of the titles available in the subscription include Cut the Rope, Terraria, Star Wars: KOTOR, Dead Cells, and hundreds of others.

What’s more, this service applies to up to five different devices after you’ve subscribed, adding even more value to what is already an incredible deal.

Four Months Of Free Apps

The Play Store is filled with nifty little apps here and there that can help you out with everyday life, such as Floor Plan Creator.

Unfortunately, sometimes you’ll have to pay for some of these apps, but you just can’t justify the purchase, as you would only use them every now and again.

This is where the Google Play Pass sale once more comes in to save you money on apps such as Tasker, Sound Meter, Toca Mini, and many more!

Movies And Podcasts

The Google Play Pass primarily focuses on Android games. However, if you’re a film and media fan, then there’s even more you can get out of your 50p subscription. While limited to a selection, the subscription gives you access to movies and podcasts.

To access the sale, check it out Google Play.

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