Graffiti Smash is a Gloopy Slingshot Battler, Out Now

Fancy spraying some paint around a variety of dungeons in a primary colored arcade blast? Then you should definitely consider giving Graffiti Smash a go. It’s out right now on the Play Store.

You’re controlling a hunter, pulling back and releasing to send them careening around the screen. When they hit surfaces they’ll leave part of a tag – complete the tags and get various boosts and beasts.

There’s a decent layer of depth here, with loot to collect and different weapons to equip to make you ever more powerful. Say, shall we watch a trailer now?

As well as the single player mode, there’s PvP and co-op multiplayer modes for you to smash and bash your way through.

This looks like one of those games that’s either going to click and you’ll love it, or you’re going to take one look and despise everything about it. It’s free to play with IAP, as you could probably guess.

You can click here to download Graffiti Smash from the Play Store right this second. It’s probably worth a go, if you’re into that sort of thing.

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