Granado Espada Mobile releases details after three years of silence

A new mobile game mag have finally emerged from the depths of development hell. After three years of nothingness, MMO game Granado Espada Mobile has finally restarted communications with fans. 

Granado Espada Mobile isn’t dead 

Announced back in 2019, we were convinced that Granado Espada Mobile was cancelled. Three years later, new details regarding the mobile MMO are now out in the wild, including screenshots. 

Released by publisher Hanbitsoft, the new screenshots show an incredibly detailed world. Inspired by European architecture, these screenshots showcase gorgeous environments with impressive rendering on Android. 

Furthermore, these images showcase the game’s character classes, each portrayed with a high-quality model. In the screenshot, you’ll see 5 classes: Fighter/Warlock/Musketeer/Wizard and Scout. Which one do you prefer? 

While the game’s screenshots do look much better than before, they also don’t show much. In fact, all we can see is those characters in that one room. There’s no sense of what the game world will look like. 

What happened to this game? 

After three years of radio silence, it’s weird to see Granado Espada Mobile pop back up. With other versions of the franchise closing down on other platforms, we never expected to see the game pop back up. 

While the main version of the game may no longer exist in some regions, this mobile port could revive the franchise globally. However, that’s only if it manages to take off on portable devices. 

Nevertheless, it’s always fun to see a new MMO come to Android. After the release of games like RuneScape on mobile, it’s been proven that Android gamers are willing to dive into MMOs. 

Are you looking for a new MMO? Does this one excite you? Tell us what you think! 

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