Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Plays In 60FPS On AetherSX2 With Patch Code

Feature image for our Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas AetherSX2 fan patch news. It shows a scene from the game with a character leaning out of a car window, firing a handgun.

Thanks to fan-developed patch code, you can play Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas in 60FPS on Android. We’ve watched the footage and the result is impressive if a tiny bit unsettling.

The post on the Android emulation subreddit gives helpful instructions on how to improve GTA’s frame rate, along with the slightly liminal-looking gameplay footage.

You’ll need Version 1.03 to get started, so keep that in mind.

AetherSX2 Has Had A Rough Time

If you’ve been following the troubled history of the AetherSX2, you might know that its official developer Tahlreth abandoned the project back in January. We’ve covered this in a previous news piece, but in short the developer became demotivated with the project and stepped away from active development.

Fortunately for emulation fans, Tahlreth continues to allow downloads of the latest versions of the PlayStation 2 emulator, though there’s no open access to the source code. Not yet, anyway. This doesn’t stop a devoted community tinkering with the emulator for fun tricks like this one.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is one of a legendary and infamous series of games. It evolved from a simple top-down criminal sim since its first game back in 1997, to truly sprawling open 3D cityscapes that you can spend hours cruising around in.

A Life Of Crime

The main subject of the games is crime, and those who participate in it. You take on the role of a protagonist who becomes mixed up in all sorts of illegal activities and needs to stay one step ahead of law enforcement, and other lawless factions, in order to succeed.

In San Andreas, you take on the role of CJ, who returns to his hometown of Los Santos after his mother’s murder. CJ falls in with his old gang and must build allies in San Andreas’ murky underworld while staying ahead of dangerous cartels and a corrupt police force.

If emulation isn’t your speed, there’s an Android port available on Google Play as well, though you might not get that framerate boost there.

If you want some more high-intensity content, check out our Best Android Action games.

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