Suit Up For Brammashell’s Arrival! Pre-Register For GrandChase’s New SR Hero

GrandChase’s New SR Hero Brammashell

KOG Games’ RPG GrandChase is launching pre-registration. You might be thinking that the game was released a while ago, so what’s up now? Well, this pre-registration isn’t for the game itself, but for a new hero named Brammashell. What’s so special about him that requires pre-registration? Keep reading to find out!

Here Comes GrandChase’s New SR Hero Brammashell!

If you jump on board with this event, you’ll be raking in a bunch of in-game goodies. You might even score some GrandChase-branded merch. Brammashell isn’t just any old addition to the roster; he has a backstory.

An honourable knight fails to protect his Goddess and gets a second shot to get it right by guarding her reincarnation, Rin. That’s Brammashell. He’s channelling all that guilt into strength on the battlefield. He steps into the fray as an Assault Hero who has got your mages’ and rangers’ backs.

Even though he’s got the ‘Life’ attribute advantage over ‘Balance’ foes, his real superpower is his set of skills that buff up his buddies while throwing the enemies off their game. Or even making allies invincible in crunch time. Catch a glimpse of GrandChase’s New SR Hero Brammashell below!

What Are The Pre-Registration Rewards?

Snag GrandChase’s New SR Hero Brammashell and deck him out in his Costume Suit Avatar. You can also snag his Exclusive Equipment, a Soul Imprint Cube, and a Profile Border. Also, by pre-registering, you’re automatically in the running for a GrandChase Merch Set Lottery. The freebies include a large gaming mousepad, photo cards, stickers and an acrylic stand.

And there’s more! Get social with the Social Media Share Event for a shot at the Merch Set or 50 Royal Summon Tickets. Even if you don’t win anything else, you’ll still walk away with a Royal Summon Ticket. To get the lowdown on all the dates and specifics, you can check out their official website.

Alternatively, get the game from the Google Play Store if you haven’t already.

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