GRave Defense fans rejoice, ArtOfBytes gearing up to release Night of the Living Dead Defense HD

ArtOfBytes, makers of the rather popular tower defense games GRave Defense and it’s HD version, are gearing up to release a new tower defense game called Night of the Living Dead Defense HD which is based off the Night of the Living Dead movie.

ArtOfBytes have done a stellar job on their previous tower defense game GRave Defense which you can check out our review of if you are interested in learning more about that particular game. In Night of the Living Dead Defense HD, you will be going up against endless waves of zombies that you will need to massacre in order to survive.


  • Great and highly detailed graphics
  • 12 ‘towers’ to choose from, all of which have multiple upgrades
  • 8 different maps
  • A ton of zombies to mow down
  • Achievements, in-game bonuses, rank advancements
  • Multiple difficulty levels


Each of the 8 maps will be unique are require you to re-think your strategy and tactics for each one. The ‘towers’ are actually in the form of human survivors of the zombie apocalypse, some of which sport some pretty crazy weaponry such as Bazookas. Currently there is no official release date or pricing announced yet but this would be one of those games to enjoy this Halloween if it gets released before then. When it lands on the Android Market, we will be sure to let you know. Until then, check out the pretty epic video trailer.

Developer Website: ArtOfBytes

Website Referenced: TalkAndroid

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