Grave Digger

In the spirit of all things ’80s, Grave Digger by FightingFish Games (you got to love some of the developer names) comes to Android. Grave Digger was a really cool game back in the ’80s that was pretty popular so when I saw this game on the market I had to grab it and try it out.

Now this isn’t a review (yet, expect one soon) but since I’ve already been playing this I’ll post a little about the gameplay and such.

Grave Digger is a game where you run around with your character collecting keys and gems while avoiding monsters. You can trap monsters by digging a hole in the ground for them to fall in which temporarily traps them. Once you collect all your keys a door appears, you enter and off to the next level you go.

I’ve been playing this on my G1 and the graphics are pretty good. The game play is a bit slow but then again this is a G1 one and I have my ‘low on space’ warning going so that could be partially the cause of it. You can disable the sounds and vibration to improve performance which does help a bit. This will definitely play better on any phone newer then a G1 but it does pretty good on mine.

Only the trial version is available. I’m not exactly sure of what the difference is between the trial and full version as the full version isn’t released yet. The game features 5 different worlds with a total of 25 levels of play and also online ranking. If you like the old school side scrolling arcade games of the ’80s and early ’90s then you’ll definitely enjoy this game. I’m waiting for the full version to come out (no price set as of yet).

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Official Website: FightingFish Games

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