Great Little War Game from Rubicon gets a sequel called All Out War

One of the better turn-base strategy games available for Android has just gotten a little bigger today. Rubicon has released a sequel to the original called Great Little War Game: All Out War onto the Android Market and boasts “fiendishly challenging levels”.

Taking from the successful formal of the original game, this new sequel brings more levels while retaining the in-depth gameplay, humour, comical style and graphical excellence of the original game. You get both gameplay mode as well: Campaign and Skirmish.

All Out War Features:

– Campaign mode
– Four difficulty settings
– Lush visuals
– Full 3D terrain affects gameplay
– Simple control method
– Lots of units
– Lots of terrain types
– High replayability
– Tons of humor

One of the better features of this game, aside from being just a straight up excellent turn-based strategy title, is that there is plenty of humor involved. In the original it was pretty entertaining to read the dialog as much as it was to play the game. Rubicon has brought that same level of enjoyment to this new addition to the series as well.

If you are a fan of the original Great Little War Game and have managed to finish it, you can now grab this sequel off the Android Market for $1.99. The developers do war though that this is very challenging and if you haven’t played the first one yet, you probably should.

Developer Website: Rubicon

Website Referenced:

Android Market Link: Great Little War Game: All Out War

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