Great Little War Game by Rubicon will be invading Android soon

Rubicon Developments has a little gem on their hands which was just released onto iOS recently called Great Little War Game. This is a 3D turn-based strategy game where you control your troops and defend yourself and your bases against enemy attacks.

Great Little War Game is a tactic-style turn-based strategy game that has really been grabbing a lot of headlines and attention in the iOS world. The developers, Rubicon Developments, are not planning to stop with just iOS though. They plan to release Great Little War Game on Android, Google Chrome, Steam and the PSVita. It’s one of those indie games, like Fieldrunners HD for example, that are not only high quality games but very addictive and popular.


  • Campaign mode
  • Multiplayer mode
  • Skirmish mode
  • Four difficulty settings
  • Lush visuals
  • Full 3D terrain affects gameplay
  • Simple control method
  • Lots of units
  • Lots of terrain types
  • High replayability
  • Extra campaigns via cheap in-game purchases
  • Tons of humor
  • Absolutely no birds or zombies



Between all three game modes that Great Little War Game comes with, once you finish off the campaign mode you always have multiplayer to jump into and fight against other players. You will also be battling not just on land but sea and air as well. So when can you expect this game to land on Android? After doing some digging, Rubicon Developments mentioned in an interview with IGN that it would be coming real soon so we won’t have to wait that long by the sound of it. As for pricing, expect Great Little War Game for Android to have similar pricing of it’s iOS brother at around $2.99.

Developer Website: Rubicon Developments

Official Game Website: Great Little War Game

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