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When will GRID Autosport launch on Android?

GRID Autosport Android

GRID Autosport is flooding the internet headlines right now, and for good reason. It’s an actual console quality racer that you can play on your mobile.

Well, you can if you own an iOS device that is. Sadly, it’s only available on Apple’s platform at the moment, leaving us poor Android gamers in the lurch.

But enough feeling sorry for ourselves. What we really need to figure out right now is when it will actually launch on Android. We know it’s coming, because developer Feral told us as much.

GRID Autosport will launch on Android in the first half of 2018

Well, fortunately that question was answered back in September on Feral’s official blog. It seems development hit a snag on Android due to “engineering issues”, and it will now launch in the first half of 2018.

We do know that it will use the Vulkan graphics API, so you can expect it to look absolutely gorgeous when it finally does cross the finish line on Android.

So there we have it. GRID Autorsport will launch by July 2018. Hopefully Feral will narrow that down soon so we don’t have to constantly refresh their blog. Read the full post here.

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