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Grobo is out now on the Google Play Store

Grobo is a gravity-based puzzler where you play as a lone robot that awakens in the vast city of Megatropolis. Any fans of indie games could easily take a liking to Grobo.

Grobo – Imagine WALL-E But Way Less Trash

Grobo takes place in Megatropolis, a gigantic city that lays abandoned and dilapidated. Grobo awakens in Megatropolis and decides to investigate what happened to all the people and to find out if he is truly alone. Most puzzle games have a vague story attached, but I would say Grobo is a narrative-driven puzzler.

The touch-based controls allow players to either play with one or both hands. There are 48 gravity shifting levels taking place across five chapters for players to enjoy.

I could go on about Grobo, but if you want a copy, then head over to the Play Store.

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