Guide your glowing cube through a maze in the dark in Maze Dungeon, now available from Google Play

Released by uaJoyTech, Maze Dungeon is a new maze oriented game that’s available on Android. In this game, players will be tasked with guiding a glowing cube through a maze, toward the end of each level. The catch is that the maze is set in the dark. The cube that players will be using does glow in the dark though, which allows players to view the maze that immediately surround the cube.

In addition to navigating in darkness, players will also have to complete each maze within a set number of moves; each time the cube “rolls” over once to a new side, a move is deducted from the total, which begins with 100 and counts down from there. Within the maze, there are power-ups of sorts, that can recharge the cube’s counter to 100. Some of the recharge points will change the color of the cube, so players will need to be careful that their cube will match the color of the exit, otherwise the level can’t be completed.

Maze Dungeon Features:

– Main character is a glowing cube.
– All interactive objects radiate an inner light.
– An Illumination creates mysterious atmosphere.
– Ambient soundtrack.

Lanterns are also available, thus allowing players to illuminate more than the cube’s immediate surroundings, which makes the maze easier to solve, at least until the lantern fizzles out. Maze Dungeon is already available from Google Play for free. The game does contain ads, though the only one that I encountered was optional, and offered in exchange for a lantern.

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