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Gumslinger is a Bizarre PvP Shooter Featuring Gummy Figures

Gumslinger, from developer Itatake, is out now. It’s a strange-looking PvP duelling game in which you play as a gummy person. 

This appears to have a predictable effect on the duels, with players wobbling, flopping, and bouncing all over the place as they absorb the impact of bullets, shot, arrows, and more. 

There are PvP tournaments with up to 64 competitors, gun skins and Gumslingers to collect, weapons to unlock, a range of different environments, and a ranking system. 

You can also send out a posse to bounty hunt on your behalf. Gumslinger looks like an interesting, and potentially hilarious PvP game. You can download it for free right now on Google Play.  

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