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Bandai Namco is Shutting Down Gundam Area Wars After Nearly 12 Years

The featured image for our Gundam Area Wars shutdown article, featuring two robots looking at each other in a stand-off. The robot on the right is a rust bronze colour, and the robot on the left has a shiny white head.

Bandai Namco has announced on the Gundam Area Wars official website that the game will close on March 30. Gundam Area Wars initially launched in September 2011, bringing its lifespan to just shy of 12 years.

Gundam Area Wars is an online game based on the Gundam series. You strive to collect 500 different kinds of aircraft in order to wipe out your enemies. The game has a particular upgrade system, where you can take any of your favourite aircrafts right through to endgame.

A Near 12 Year Legacy

Most gachas last only a couple of years before they kick the bucket, as the market is very competitive, with new games coming out every month.

With this in mind, it’s impressive to think that Gundam Area Wars had a lengthy life of nearly 12 years, making it one of the longest running gacha games to date.

Fan Reaction

In a Reddit post sharing the news, the Gundam Area Wars fandom gave their thoughts and feelings on the matter. The overall vibe is that fans are sentimental, yet understanding of the game coming to the end of it’s life.

One Reddit user, @Growlest, writes: “Makes sense it’s shutting down, there’s better versions of this game already out and within 11 years I think most of the old playerbase has moved on from it. 11 years though, i’m surprised something lasted that long without shutting down, I guess the people who played it was quite passionate or perhaps the devs were too.”

Another user, @MilitiHistoryFan101, humorously weighs in “This game is older than most of the users here.”

Fans can continue to play Gundam Area Wars by grabbing it on Google Play before the studio closes it down on March 30.

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