GungHo Online unveils a new games for European Android gamers including a Princess Punt sequel

GungHo Online has been in the gaming industry for some time now, most notably for their online MMORPG called Ragnarok Online. However they have also released a couple of Android games already including the rather entertaining Princess Punt THD where you play as a princess, punting your loyal subjects into the air in order to kill monsters. They are also responsible for bringing Lame Castle over to Android and the eye candy filled space shooter SILPHEED Alternative.

Now GungHo Online has revealed a new lineup of games slated for release in Europe for those mobile gamers out there looking for a couple of news titles to play. The company just opened up an American division in order to bring more of their games to western audiences and the first people to benefit from this new opening are mobile gamers in Europe, both on iOS and Android. All of the following games have been confirmed for release out in Europe so far, while the US and Canada are still waiting confirmation.

Puzzle & Dragons is a puzzle / RPG mash up coming soon that will be making its way to iOS this November and possibly Android as well. Already available in Japan, the game has been quite a hit, topping the charts on iOS in Japan for one of the highest grossing games at one point.

The original Princess Punt game

Freak Tower, is confirmed to be arriving on both Android and iOS this November and is, in fact, already out in Japan on Google Play under the name Crazy Tower. This game is a “unique hybrid of tower defense and simulation where the goal is to build the freakiest tower in town”. This particular title sounds rather interesting and GungHo Online has a flare for creating unique and humorous games like this. Just look at Princess Punt THD if you need an example.

Speaking of Princess Punt THD, GungHo Online’s third game will be a sequel to their popular Angry Birds style physics-based puzzle game, appropriately named Princess Punt 2. It’ll feature the same style of gameplay as the first one did but as to what will be new in this sequel, we don’t know just yet. This probably won’t land on Android or iOS until early 2013. If it follows the same pricing as the original, it will be available for free with optional in-game purchases. One of the few games that does do the free-to-play business model properly.

Website Referenced: PocketGamer

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