Guns N’ Glory gets a massive update with new Oregon and Dakota campaigns

One of our favorite Tower Defense games just got a huge update with two new campaigns: Oregon and Dakota. Also coming in this update are some other overall game features such as new difficulty settings to choose from (three in total) which are not only for the new campaigns but for all of them currently in the game.

Oregon and Dakota bring in a total of 20 new maps to play on in your journey to becoming the ultimate bandit. There are also two new units to play with and new evil dynamite traps as well. This is a lot of new content and even the old content is now re-playable thanks to the new difficulty settings.

If you haven’t played Guns N’ Glory before, it is a Tower Defense game where your ‘towers’ are bandits that you can move during gameplay as you attempt to rob settlers on their journey to make a new home for themselves. You can pick this game up off the Android Market for free (ad-supported full version) or you can purchase an ads-free version for $4.09.

Website Referenced: PocketGamer

Developer Website: HandyGames

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