Gyroscope-controlled action game Spin Commander is now available on Google Play

Rohschinken Games has just released a minimalistic style action game called Spin Commander which uses your device’s Gyroscope in order to control your ship. The goal for this game is to survive as long as possible which is done by spinning like crazy and defending yourself. This is done by shooting at your enemies, pushing them off screen.

Spin Commander isn’t an endless type of game though, at least not through the entire game. It is actually divided up into 10 stages, with each stage increasing in difficulty. When you do reach the last stage, if you can reach it, that is when it turns into an endless mode. At that point a timer kicks in and begins recording your score until you die.

Spin Commander Features:

– Unique game and controls concept
– 10 challenging stages
– Boss enemy
– Final stage with time mode
– Multiplayer via Wifi
– Achievements, highscores & player rank

The multiplayer mode is actually pretty interesting as well. It is co-op multiplayer but instead of controlling the ship on your phone, you’ll be controlling the ship on your friend’s phone and vise versa. The goal is still the same though, you both are trying to survive as long as possible.

Spin Commander is now available for download off of Google Play for free. There is an IAP within the game for $1.99 which will unlock the Pro version of this game, giving players a new dark colored theme and a hardcore mode to play.

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