Hack and Slasher Undecember up for Pre-Registration on the Play Store

Earlier this year, Line Games ran a 300,000 player-strong test for its upcoming hack and slasher, Undecember. It seems it went well, because the game is now up for pre-registration on the Play Store.

The game looks pretty impressive, with loads of enemies and plenty of different weapons and characters to choose from. It’s definitely got a Diablo-ish vibe to it.

Now’s the time in the story where we’d normally put in a trailer for you to feast your eyes on. So that’s exactly what we’re going to do. We’re nothing if not creatures of habit.

Alongside a single player campaign, the game will feature a variety of multiplayer modes. There’s co-op dungeons and raids, a defense mode and guild wars to look forward to. If that’s the sort of thing you look forward to.

The game’s going to be free to play and use a battle-pass system to let you unlock valuable items, and there’ll be cosmetics for purchase as well. Which might ruin it a bit. The game is set to launch in South Korea in January, with a global roll out to follow.

If you’re interested in pre-registering for Undecember on the Play Store, you can do that by clicking here. Or if you’d like more information, click here to visit Undecember’s official website.

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