Halfbrick’s Monster Dash gets the Ghostbusters treatment as well

Halfbrick has been doing a decent amount of updating to their games the past few months and today Monster Dash is the latest game to get an update. In this case it is Ghostbusters themed content that has come to the game but there also happens to be plenty of changes to the game as well with this update.

Obviously the biggest part of the update is the new Ghostbusters themed content. This update brings the rooftops of New York City to life with the iconic Proton Pack, and Peter Venkman as a playable character. In other words, you will be shooting Proton Pack beams as you run along the rooftops of New York City trying to zap Slimers in a new daily event. Outside of the daily event, which is titled “Who You Gonna Call?”, if you want to play as Peter in every stage, he will be unlockable as an IAP.

Outside of the Ghostbusters content, Monster Dash has received a new overhauled game flow, daily events, and new powerful weapon upgrades. This update is live on Google Play and is available for download now. You can also see the new Ghostbusters content in action in the trailer below.

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