Halfbrick’s upcoming game, Machine Gun Jetpack, gets a new name.

Halfbricks upcoming action game called Machine Gun Jetpack will actually not be called that at all. Instead the crew over at Halfbrick has decided to change the name to something else although similar. So what is the new name? Jetpack Joyride is what this game will now be called.

According to Halfbrick, the game has developed so much over the last little while in terms of content that it needed a new name. This is mainly due to the fact that there isn’t just a Machine Gun Jetpack in the game anymore but a variety of jetpacks instead. This is, of course, along with all the vehicles such as the Mech.

Another nice tidbit of information in the video below, which also describes the reasons for the new name, is that of a release date… at least for iOS. Jetpack Joyride will be launching on iOS Sept. 1st. So why are we reporting on this game? Because we also know that this will be making it’s way to Android soon so until then, check out the new video below.

Developer Website: Halfbrick

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