[Updated] Hands-on with Open-Reset’s Bounty Arms for Tegra-based Android devices

Continuing on with our extended GDC 2012 coverage, we got to get some hands-on time with Open-Reset’s unannounced other Android game currently in development called Bounty Arms. This will also be for Tegra-based devices when it is released.

This particular game is a side-scrolling action platformer with lots of comical style to it although the visuals are rather impressive. There is still very little detail available regarding this game as it is currently still under development but even though it is a side-scrolling platformer, there are some levels that are actually multi-directional. What we mean is that at some points you will have to run to and from the screen instead of just left to right. This will give some levels quite a lot of depth.

We also know that they are some pretty awesome weapons for us to use in this game including the ice spike shield and the giant fly swatter. It was rather fun to play. Other than that though we have no other details about Bounty Arms at this time such as how much it will cost, when it will be out and if it will be Tegra 3 exclusive. As more information comes to light, we will definitely update everyone. Until then, enjoy the hands-on.

Update March 22nd, 2012 11:17am: Just a quick heads up that we have been informed that this game is being developed by Open-Reset Studios. Luma Arcade did help them a bit with it but this is an Open-Reset title. Thanks Benjamin!

Developer Website: Open-Reset

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